The Value of Creativity

Define creativity = new + useful and you see a world of opportunity. In the world of strategy and complex decision making, there's always change, flux, risk, emergence, novelty, surprise...These things, while varying in intensity over time, are permanent.

Meanwhile, strategy and decision-making - almost by definition - are supposed to constitute useful responses to (or initiatives toward) change. In other words, our commitment to creativity is relentless. How well are we training or preparing people - entrepreneurs, general managers, administrators, researchers, say - for creative thinking? Well, without getting into a fine-grained debate about the need for core skills in education and training, I think it's fair to say that education systems all over the world crush, rather than nurture, creativity.

The conclusion: if you buy into the value of creative thinking, and the value of better training and education to nurture it (and yes, creativity is trainable), then the untapped value of creative thinking across the global economy is HUGE.

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